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Mi Casa, Su Casa

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Membre(s) ayant participé :
Alexandre Andrillon
Steven Ghouti

Réalisateur :
Sara Verhagen

Interprètes :
Paul Bandey, Sara Verhagen, Silvie Laguna, Eric Kailey, Pierre Zeni

Société de production :
My Wonderful People

Année de production :

Date de sortie / diffusion :

Liens web :

Court Métrage
When Celine returns from a holiday in Mexico, she's tired, jet lagged, and all she can think of is heading straight for bed. However, upon arriving in her building, she is faced with a little problem. A certain “Bartleby” welcomes her and other guests with open arms to... her home? To his home? Celine is about to enter a bizarre world full of strange people, but more importantly, an apartment that doesn't hold the slightest trace of her existence. How can one be certain to be home, when everything seems to prove the contrary?


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